| common q's|

Q. What if I am not good in front of the camera?

A. relax. if i wanted to shoot a model i would, i shoot real life. you will do fine. i promise. its fun. its about moments, not perfection. i will talk you through the whole thing. we're in this together, and its gonna be good.

Q. How do I book a session?

A.  let's chat and get this going. 50% deposit & a signed agreement and i'm all yours.

Q. How long does it take to get my photos?

A. i hand edit each image and take time to only give you the best. delivery time varies depending on season, but I try for around 4 weeks from our session. 8 for weddings.

Q. What should I wear?

A. what makes you look in the mirror and take a double take...wear that. don't be afraid of texture, layers, & fabrics that move. coordinate & complement each other but please don't all buy matching outfits. just no.

Q. What about tax?

A. tax is not included in session pricing. depending on where i send the finished images final tax will be added accordingly. // travel cost & lodging may be added for locations more than 50 miles outside of Seattle.

| session |

What's Included?

+a location chosen just for you. the style and feel of the shoot will be discussed in our first convo together, & from there i will scout and plan for your story.

+wardrobe styling advice. feel free to send me photos & ask me for opinion, on day of session bring your ideas and i will help pull it all together. 

+hand edited images. my eyes will be on each and every photo. you get only the best. i will smooth your skin, make minor edits, and enhance for an artistic flair. i usually don't "photoshop" images to make something that wasn't there, there or visa versa. i can not make you skinny. sorry. let's meet at the gym for that. i do promise  to put you in flattering positions before i press that button.

+online gallery & digital download of final photos.

+an incredible time during your shoot, we will laugh, do stupid stuff. have a kick ass time. all i ask is that you just trust me. it's always worth it. always.

How much?

+my sessions are about the experience. a lot of thought, heart & planning go into everything i do. this is my business, but i also don't want it to be just about price. i am open to conversations & creating something that works for both of us.

pricing guides are available for all my collections & i would be happy to send them your way! 

weddings start at $4,000

eloping? take me with you! custom pricing available

portraits $500

let me hear from you. the more you tell me the better. 

let's talk don't be shy. 

| art |

print your images! a variety of print sizes & canvas wraps & albums are available to purchase through your online gallery. i highly encourage you to print through a professional printing company, and i make it easy if you choose to do so.

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