i am picky. detailed. i want it right but not perfection. moments in life move me. this is so much more than a business.


i am Tiarra Sor-te (long e)

you can make it fancy if you like. i grew up with a backyard full of animals, but i'm a total city girl and will never leave. i dream of living in a swanky loft downtown, but a 2 story in the suburbs is where i'm found. i could drink coffee all day and often do. love to travel but only to places with amazing food. i like to plan my day according to my next meal. i'll cook, you clean.

i've been through some life, and I am a strong woman because of it. i have 4 kiddos, and yes they are all mine. married to my best friend, we laugh at the stupidest stuff. he's my true half.

image by Andria Lindquist

photography is my art.

my creative outlet. it's not limited to a specific type of session.  i throw all i am into what we create. 

my style is about emotion. a mood. i have a photo-journalistic approach. i wait for moments, but i will also guide and pose to reveal what is already taking place. 

image by Andria Lindquist

my work is about people.

connections. stories of life. the beautiful, the raw.

i hope my photography inspires you to feel something.

to search for more.

i honestly cannot wait to meet you. 

okay, enough about me.

your turn.




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